User testing is your instant competitive advantage

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it: Writing copy that speaks volumes

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Content is king. Optimized web copy captures attention, engages users, tells your brand’s story, and crucially drives conversions. But before you hit publish, you must invest in testing your website text. Why? Because you are not your target audience. What resonates with you may not resonate with your customers. The only way to ensure your messaging hits the mark and your web copy speaks volumes is to secure real-life feedback.

In this article, we’ll explore the elements of optimized web content before diving into the importance of testing your site’s text with real users. It’s more accessible than you might think.

The core elements of optimized web copy

Optimized copy attracts, engages, and inspires your website visitors. It shapes first impressions, showcases your values, and triggers action. It positions your brand as an industry and thought leader, building your credibility and trustworthiness. So what does excellent copy look like?

  • It’s user-centric. Your customer is the hero, and your copy should demonstrate how you can resolve their pain points.
  • It connects on an emotional level. Human beings tend to buy on emotion and justify with logic, so if your copy can tap into your readers’ feelings, you can boost your conversion rate.
  • It’s scannable. Don’t bury your solution, expertise, or offer in a wall of text. Instead, put key points front and center, leveraging headings and graphics to draw attention to the information that matters most.
  • Its voice is consistent. You don’t want a website that reads as if 10 different people wrote it (even if they did!). Keeping your brand’s voice consistent adds authenticity and authority.
  • It features clear and compelling calls to action. If you want a reader to pick up the phone and call you, prompt them. If you want a visitor to check out your latest promotion, point them in the right direction.
  • It minimizes friction and fosters a positive user experience. Your copy should meet your web visitor’s expectations by delivering the information they are looking for.

The best way to test whether your copy masters the above vital elements? Get feedback from real-life users.

Get feedback on web copy

An expert copywriter can follow content creation best practices and facilitate what, in theory, should be an optimal user experience. However, the only way you can guarantee the effectiveness of your website copy is to test it.

Analyzing website text and messaging via user feedback and data gives you and your team robust quantitative and qualitative insights about the efficacy of your content. A/B testing and analytics provide information about your visitor’s on-site behavior, and user testing sheds light on why an audience member felt compelled to click, learn more, add to basket, or exit your website.

Don’t leave your web copy conversion rates to chance

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