Advantage of User Testing

User testing is your instant competitive advantage – here’s how to do it

Learn more about how user testing works across several different use cases.

With user testing, you give real-life users the chance to test your app, product, website, or service. In the process, you gain unprecedented insight into how your property works, how users are responding to it, and how to improve it in the future. The best part of all of this? User testing can be swift, efficient, and easy to deploy.

What Is User Testing?

During user testing, your users access the features, functionality, content, and — crucially — the user interface of your development. They will utilize the solution in the same way they would in a normal setting, executing actions and exploring the app, product, website, or service from a goal-oriented point of view. This external point of view makes usability testing vital, as it allows you to step outside of your own development mindset and gain invaluable user data.

What Are the Benefits of User Testing?

Usability testing provides you with a wealth of advantages that will help you in the long run.

Benefits include:

  • A fresh perspective on your app, website, or product
  • A growing resource of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Task-specific data that tells you how well and how quickly users can reach intended outcomes
  • Direct user satisfaction data.
  • Actionable insight into how to improve your product, application or website.
  • A cost-effective form of testing for your business through usability testing providers and focus panels.
  • A testing system that you can easily redeploy for future app or product development processes.

User Testing in Action: Usability Testing Examples

Learn more about how user testing works across several different use cases.

  • Product user testing

Give your users time to explore the UI of your latest product offering so you can gain an understanding of how interaction can be improved.

  • App or website user testing

Apps and websites tend to be broader than your product UI. While products are aimed at your already-converted customers, your apps and website properties may need to support more casual users, and testing will need to reflect this. User testing will help you hone the UX to push your offerings ahead of those of your competitors.

  • Content testing

User testing is not limited to the technical elements of the user interface. You can also test how your users are responding to your content — for instance, are they encouraged to read more and explore other content pieces, and is the content giving these users the information they need?

  • Message testing

Testing your messaging will be similar to testing your content but with a different set of parameters. Messaging needs to be immediate and impactful, communicating the identity of your brand. Usability testing can give you insight into how well this is being delivered to your users.

How to Achieve Effective Usability Testing

Here at EasyUserTest, we provide a simple three-step process to help you get the most from user testing.

  • Step 1

Upload Your Test Subject

Use the EasyUserTest platform to upload a screenshot of your UI, send a URL or select any specific area of your app, product or website for testing.

  • Step 2

Choose Your Focus Panel

We work with many different testing panels to give our customers the most diverse set of results possible. Select the panel to use for your test.

  • Step 3

Get Your Results

Real-life users will test your interface or your content and messaging and apply their own experience and approach as they deliver you quantitative and qualitative answers.

Sign up with EasyUserTest today to get started, or reach out to our team to learn more.