The Complete Guide to Easy User Test!

The Complete Guide to Easy User Test!

Easy User Test brings real people to your web content, helping you pinpoint where your messaging works and where it needs a second look.

Your web content might look great to you, but what does the public think? Is it easy to understand, or does it get in its own way? Easy User Test tells you exactly how your content performs with the real people you need to reach.

Analytics are important for some things, but they can’t replace the real voice of your customers. To get real feedback on your web content, create a test and choose your audience. It’s that simple. Within 24 hours, you’ll get actionable feedback from the people you need to reach with ads, websites, and even email copy. From there, it’s just a matter of revising your content to give your readers what they need.

This guide will show you:

  • The benefits of Easy User Test
  • When and why to test your content (and when not to)
  • Prototypes of actual user tests
  • A step-by-step description of how to run an Easy User Test
  • How to avoid common testing mistakes

Real People, Real Results

Easy User Test brings real people to your web content, helping you pinpoint where your messaging works and where it needs a second look. We conduct remote testing with carefully selected groups of real people matching your ideal audience. The result is a clear guide to making your users’ experience memorable and effective.

Identify weak spots in your content and design

When you test your web content with real people, you shine a light on exactly which parts of your messaging fall flat or confuse your audience. Something as simple as a tag or a title can make readers pause when you want them to keep moving. When onboarding messages go on for too long, customers can become uncertain. Maybe your audience wants more content; maybe they want a bit less. We’ll show you exactly where your content fails to do its job.

Know your audience

Our content testers tell you exactly what they think of your content, in their own words. You’ll get the full, nuanced opinions of the sort of people you need to reach most. You’ll learn how they think, how they explain their preferences, and how they choose, use, and navigate content. Knowing your audience this well will help you improve your current content and ensure that everything you produce in the future is tailored exactly the way your audience needs it to be.

Discover the secrets of user behavior

Analytics tell you what happened on your website, but only user testing tells you why. Why do people choose some pieces of content but not others? What do they wish you’d provide that you’re currently not? Only users can tell you, and we can bring their opinions directly to you.

Two types of Easy User Test

User testing can be conducted in various ways, but the most effective testing falls into two categories: message testing and comprehension testing. Let’s look at both.

Message Testing

When you want users to complete a series of specific tasks, proper messaging can make all the difference in the world. Message testing shows you exactly how people use your content to complete desired tasks.


  • Your mobile app is nearly complete, and you are fine-tuning its microcopy. Specifically, you want the onboarding process to be complete and supportive, but also swift and easy. A task-based user test can send our test users through the onboarding process and record their opinions of the experience
  • Your website includes a help feature, and you want to know if people find it convenient and helpful. You can design an Easy User Test to assess that specific function of your website, and learn if you have done all you can to support your users.

Comprehension Testing

You want your content to be easy to read but still informative and entertaining. Comprehension testing gauges how well your content delivers easy-to-read, informative, and memorable messaging.


  • Your website offers a complex system of discounts and loyalty rewards, and you want to avoid confusion. We can deliver a user test focused on just that aspect of your site, showing you exactly how real people understand your discount system.
  • You are just beginning to develop a website redesign. A highlighter test will show you precisely which content engages users and what strikes them as frustratingly confusing.