Boost your app conversion rate

How to boost your app conversion rate

Market your app carefully and optimize your traffic sources. Target those who are most likely to convert and don’t waste your time in other areas.

The mobile app market is extremely competitive, and there are millions of options across the app stores at the moment, with this number growing every day. If you have designed an app and want users to take action to maximize conversions, you need to make sure that it stands out and functions perfectly. Yet this is easier said than done, so what do you need to focus on to stand the best chance of success?

Making It Easy to Install

To start with, make sure that your app is as easy to install as possible. Don’t make it hard to download or require people to complete too many steps. These can create friction and may result in your prospect moving to a competitor instead.

Making Those First Impressions

You also need to optimize your users’ first impression, as you’ll only have a few seconds to convince visitors that your app can deliver for them. If they are confused for a moment, they are likely to move away, and your app conversion rate will plummet. After all, according to a survey by Quettra, 77% of users ditch a recently downloaded app after just three days of use.

Also, avoid repetitive messaging or anything that could turn your prospect off. Remember, they have plenty of entertainment options, and you need to strike the right balance to get that in-app purchase and ensure conversions.

Optimize Sources as Part of Your In-App Purchase Strategy

Market your app carefully and optimize your traffic sources. Target those who are most likely to convert and don’t waste your time in other areas. This will help improve your in-app conversion rate, and your app is less likely to be forgotten.

Consider Various Testing Methods

By all means, use split testing tools (aka A/B testing), as this could help with the big picture and show how users navigate your page. You can also use analytical tools as part of your user testing arsenal, but understand the restrictions associated with these approaches. They may tell you what your users do but not necessarily tell you why they take that action, and certainly won’t tell you how to improve your app conversion rate.

How to Optimize Your App Conversion Rate

For a much fuller picture, consider Easy User. This remarkable tool can give you some dynamic feedback from a targeted focus panel. You can send your requirements through to the Easy User team by sharing your app or specific screenshots. Easy User will then send this information to the panel and ask them whether it seems intuitive and is easy to work with. They will then correlate the information and send it back to you so that you can take action. This will help you understand how to increase in-app purchases and hit your goals.

Trying Easy User

Easy User is intuitive and quick. You can get a result in as little as 12 hours by following three easy steps. And it’s easy to get going as well, as you simply create a free account to begin the process.