Target audience with a website redesign

Attract and engage your target audience with a website redesign

Find out what persuades people to take action or what encourages them to click away to another site.

How to Attract and Engage Your Target Audience with a Website Redesign

Millions of websites, billions of web pages. Little wonder that there is so much competition for visitor attention and why it can be so hard to make a website commercially viable. Yet this is no excuse for inaction or apathy, and if your site is not converting as it should, you need to figure it out quickly and take concrete steps. What are some of the key areas to look at as you first attract and then engage your target audience?

Begin with the Basics

To begin with, you need to focus on some of the basics. Your site must be responsive and must be able to deal with the various platforms. People certainly do not stick to one device anymore, and many of them will use a mobile rather than a desktop or laptop. Your site must work properly on all of these devices. It must also render correctly across a variety of browsers, and you will need to test them all to be sure. Don’t make people jump through hoops simply to get to your website, or you’ve lost the battle before you’ve even started.

Secondly, ensure that you have snappy, pertinent, and engaging content with images, videos, or animations. Don’t pad for the sake of it, but aim to deliver what you promise so that you can stand apart from your competition.

Perfecting the User Experience

Above all, remember that user experience is the key. You will need to understand how your website works in the eyes of your visitor and prospect and do a good deal of testing along the way.

Often, this will involve a website redesign, but you need the information first before moving ahead. Find out what persuades people to take action or what encourages them to click away to another site.

  • Find out if your navigation system is adequate and if it is easy to purchase your product or service.
  • Does your checkout procedure work intuitively, or are they likely to get stuck at a certain point?
  • Is your website content believable, or do you need additional social proof?
  • Do you need evidence that you belong to a trustworthy organization?

There are certain best practices for website user experience, and they should help you arrive at the best user interface. You can use certain tools, like heat maps, which show where your audience tends to focus on each page. This may help you to shuffle your various elements and make it more likely that your web design will generate the result you require.

How to Improve Website User Experience

When it comes to finding out how your target audience gets along with your website, why not ask them! Get in touch with us at Easy User Test and use our simple, intuitive, and quick service to reach out to a focus panel and start user testing. Simply upload screenshots or URLs to the Easy User Test dashboard, and we will then send a questionnaire to a carefully chosen panel to seek feedback. You can use this for content testing and message testing or to uncover any bottlenecks. Once this information has been sent back and correlated, we will forward the results so you can further improve your website user experience.

Better Web Design Is Around the Corner

Remember, good website design is crucial if you want to retain your traffic and get them to take the right action. So, open your free account with Easy User Test today and receive your results soon. You just need to take three simple steps, and you can get feedback within as little as 12 hours.