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Validate user experience

How to validate user experience

Designing marketing copy, graphics, webpages, ads, or email messaging involves a lot of careful maneuvering. You have to consider several factors, including user flow, voice, content structure, visual appeal—the list goes on. But the hardest part in designing marketing material or consumer products is figuring out whether the final creation hits its mark. This is where user…

Stop over-analyzing your analytics and learn more about the people behind the number

Stop over-analyzing your analytics and learn more about the people behind the number

You don’t know what you don’t measure. By diving into your website’s analytics, you find out how to improve user experience for your target audience. It’s a long-held marketing truism, but it has limitations. Here’s why you should stop over-analyzing your analytics and learn more about the people behind the numbers. Website analytics have limitations…

Conduct an Easy User Test

How to Conduct an Easy User Test

Planning is an often-rushed step, but careful planning can make the rest of any process more successful and efficient. To get the most out of your user test, take time to specify what content you’re testing, why you’re testing it, and the scope of the test you’ll be administering. Consider these questions: What is your…

Easy User Test; Make your decisions by testing with real users.

What can User Testing do?

User testing is a crucial but often overlooked element of product development that shares your product with representatives of your ideal customer base. The product in this case can be anything from your flagship app to your company’s website, through to brand assets and email copy. When properly done, user testing provides detailed information on…

Frequently asked questions

The Easy User Test gives you the answers to the questions why something happens on your site, while Analytics tells you what happens on your site. We help you to uncover opportunities and reveal the areas of confusion. When you combine these two, You’re more close to the conclusion of why it is happening, and you know how to change it for the best.

If you have determined with the help of Analytics that at certain points your conversion is not working as desired, the neutral view and the evaluation of your target group will help you to make the necessary changes at the decisive points.

Yes! It can be used to generate clarity about the next steps in product development. This happens by using the insights from a quantitative point of view and also from a qualitative point of view.

Remote testing is done in a natural environment, which in itself is much more realistic. People usually in labs, aren ́t as relaxed and emotionally open as they are in their own rooms. Therefore, the text behavior is closer to real interaction than it is in the laboratory. Furthermore, the Easy User Test consumes only a small part of the cost than a lab test, and last but not least, no long planning phases are necessary. We created the questionnaires on our part. Finally, you receive the result from us within three days and can therefore test much more flexibly during your process.

The servers are located in Switzerland and we guarantee Swiss data protection regulations. We store your data for a maximum of two years considering the business value of data is critical, as per our storage strategy after the time period of 02 years, it is going to be deleted.

Do it in three steps 

Step 1

Upload your screenshot or URL and select any Area to test

The issue with improving the text on the website is that we aren’t aware enough of which elements will help us with the conversion and what will deter our visitors.

Step 2

Choose test panel on site

To uncover product insights and help you to create what customers love through the data we gather, analyze, and share experiences that get real results for your business.

Step 3

Get Quantified and Qualitative Answers.

It relies on data collected based on a research design that answers the question to help you decide how your research question is best answered and ensure designs meet users’ expectations.

I can entirely recommend Easy User Test to anyone trying to improve content or design for internal presentations or to agency clients.

FABIAN WERLEN, Partner at We Are York GmbH

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